This summer (August 2015)  I decided to reach the top of Bjelasnica mountain in Bosnia and Herzegovina. I decided to do it with the bike and I succeeded.  I came up to the hotel zone and together with my friend I walked up to the real top which is 2063 m above sea level.

The tour with the bike took 2h 15 min (15 km in 30 C degree) and then the walking tour up to the top took 2h 45 minutes. So in total 5 hours I moved from 480 m above sea level  (Sarajevo city) up to 2063 m above sea level.

My friend and me were very tired and exhausted but we were happy!


Also in July I climbed up to the Tsambika Mountain on Rhodes in Greece. That little mountain/hill is around 400 meters high and it took 30 minutes to go from the bottom to the top of it in 30-35 C degrees. That was very hot experience!


AUTUMN 2016 – (September 23 rd).

I decided to do it again. The tour with the bike to Bjelasnica mountain took 2h 25 min (15 km in 7-12 C degree). It was 10 minutes longer tour but it can depend on different factors such as lower temperature and more clothes on me. This time the tour was not as exiting as the first time but it was a confirmation that I simply can do this. This is something I can manage. Great!

This time I tried to make some movies on the way back but it was not successful because of the speed.





Actually, the idea about this project started some year ago. In the end of 2014 it grew up to something more.

I was skiing in very foggy, windy and cold weather, it was -30 C degree and I was on 1914 m above sea level. That adventure gave me some inspiration about doing something new and exciting.  Also the movie about K2 mountain in Asia (I saw it earlier during 2014) gave me some inspiration.



The next goal is some top in Austria. I found this one: Ramsau am Dachstein . Cool place with the top called Scheichenspitze 2667m. It is only 600 meters higher than Bjelasnica mountain but is could be something. Looks like it is very nice mountain.

One another possible destination is the Toubkal Mountain:


WE LOVE MOUNTAINSThat is what I say

Why? Because the feeling of being on the top is great, impossible to describe. It must be experienced!